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How many times have you heard the following sentences?

• It doesn't need to be February 14th to show someone you love them.

• Every day should be Valentine's Day.


Now, let’s begin by acknowledging that this also reflects my own school of thought. I am less inclined toward shiny, short-term gestures/rewards in general and more for the constant, little everyday gestures that build a solid relationship over time.

This is why I decided to produce this series as a kind of "protest", offering my own visual interpretation on the matter.

The purpose of this body of work is to take you on a journey through the lives of couples and their everyday experiences, all while ensuring I keep the cheesiness under strict control.

Of course, it's still a series about love. In each picture, you'll find a metaphorical mixture of two main ingredients:

• Intimacy and closeness (the more romantic side)

• Everyday shared moments (the more realistic side)

An important point I'd like to highlight is that this series is for everyone to relate to: various ethnicities are represented by the color difference of some subjects, and also, the fact that there is no gender specification in almost all of the pairs.

P.S. If you're itching to read the very book in the picture, I have to disappoint you... It cannot be your St. Valentine’s present. You'll have to settle for chocolates or roses another time ;-P

Matteo Rolfi

Flachsacker 2, 6330 Cham (Switzerland)


+41 (0) 76 7963796

Represented by:

Rockenfeller & Göbels (DACH region)

Tel. DE: +49 211 176 07125

Tel. CH: +41 44 5522 340

The London Style Agency (rest of the world)

Tel. +44 20 7241 5713



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