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Matteo Rolfi is an advertising photographer and director specialized in still life, food & drink and products. His studio is based in Switzerland but he is available to shoot outside the country and around the world. He is represented by Rockenfeller und Göbels (DACH region) and by LSA The London Style Agency (worldwide)




From the vibrant heart of Italy to the serene landscapes of Switzerland, in 2015, Matteo Rolfi embarked on a transformative journey that not only changed his surroundings but also ignited a newfound interest in the art of photography, despite having always breathed in art from birth within his family.


His photographic career began with a passion for outdoor activities and landscape photography, initially as a hobby. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, when he was forced to remain at home, he had to redirect his creativity towards new horizons. During this period Matteo discovered and cultivated a true passion for still life and product photography, initially starting at home and later establishing a studio in Cham, Switzerland.


His work primarily focuses on Food & Drink, Cosmetics, liquids, and various product categories. He is engaged in both still and motion projects, shooting campaigns for well-known brands and producing short films.


His favorites: Coffee, Indigo Blue, the number 9, the sound of the piano (but also rock/indie music), chalisthenics, yoga and meditation.



Photography and films are an ongoing learning experience for Matteo, a journey without a final destination, where the process itself is the ultimate goal. His style is influenced by pop art, characterized by vibrant colors, predominantly hard lighting, a graphic aesthetic, and at times, even a slightly nostalgic undertone. Matteo has a keen interest in capturing the textures of the subjects beneath his lens. He enhances their appearance through the use of both light and colors, occasionally injecting a touch of unexpected or whimsical flair into his work, reflecting his love for humor.

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