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The only refreshing soft drink that makes me think of summer and Santa Claus at the same time!

Photographing a Coca-Cola bottle in November definitely underscored my "mixed feelings". What do you think about it?

On this shaky foundation, I decided to apply my graphic, poppy and slightly vintage style to produce some images that try to combine both feelings

Still images would not have been enough to emphasize the fizzing drink, so I created stop-motions as well

The main goal was to create some versatile works

- Fresh and cold styling of the drink

- Hard and slightly warm light

- Shades of red

- Greenish glass

The glass bottle, an advertising icon, was of course the perfect choice to set the mood

When I was looking for inspiration on Pinterest, I found this image that immediately shined a light on my background choice

Source: Flickr profile Maï_

I also worked on another option from another corner that helped me focus more on the top of the glass

Check this out: Turning off all the other lights, except for the one aimed at the glass, the result looks like this


By Matteo Rolfi

Flachsacker 2, 6330 Cham (Switzerland)


+41 (0) 76 7963796

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