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If you think this looks weird, we are on the same wavelength!

The food stylist, Luis Flor, and I set out to reimagine the conventional idea of food on the go, introducing something rather unconventional: visually appealing, chic at times, and delectable in appearance, yet utterly impractical to carry.

You might be questioning why the setting appears to be from the past…

Well, if you look closer at the images, it becomes evident that is undeniably a portrayal of the contemporary world. However, we have chosen to infuse a sense of nostalgia and a vintage aesthetic, aligning with the stylistic approach we are constantly pursue (and love).

The juxtaposition of time periods strengthens the awkwardness of this series, leaving you with a distinct sense that these characters are somehow out of place…and not only “out of their mind”

“Instagram vs. Reality”

Metaphorically speaking, this this series mirrors the modern struggle between aesthetics and appearance versus practicality and reality, where, more often than not, the emphasis on looks overrides what is the real substance.

So, which side are you on…?

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