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VERY pleased for the final result on this last collaboration!

In the advertising world I normally face two kind of assignments:

1. where I get required to reproduce a precise mood board, idea and feeling (I am the pure photographer)

2. where I get 100% artistic freedom (I am the set designer/art director/stylist/photographer...etc.)

Needless to say, I LOVE BOTH OF THEM, because each one has its own challenges and this variety makes my job very dynamic and intriguing.

This campaign belongs to the number 2. I have been asked to create a photograph for the launch of the new vegan product produced by Wild Foods GmbH.

I fully enjoyed the whole process, especially the food styling....I did not think it would have been so much fun (!!!)

Few words about the shot and the idea I had: I went for a graphic, summery and fresh look, which is very trendy nowadays. As this product is an alternative to smoked salmon, I opted for a wavy background to emulate an orange sea (of carrots). in the top half of the image there is a light blue sky, which color tonality have carefully been picked up to stand out the carrots. Regarding the composition, the waves have specifically been aligned the with the text "Wood Smoked".

And as usual, some behind the scenes! You can actually see the whole process!


By Matteo Rolfi

Flachsacker 2, 6330 Cham (Switzerland)


+41 (0) 76 7963796



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