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It was quite some time that Michelle Aimée and I had been discussing the idea of collaborating on a project together. Then, while sitting close to me on a train ride, she took out her pen and a piece of paper and presented me with a rather unique idea. 

Not sure if she was inspired by the refreshing spring breeze, but it seemed she had been enchanted by the initial flutter of pollen in the air (sure not, I am just trying to make it cheesy…cause she does not like it :P) 

Jokes aside. It was serious, hear me out: she envisioned combining flowers and paint, elegantly framed like a work of art. To add an extra touch of interest, we planned to improvise some movement that could later be used to create a few .gifs.

Intrigued by this colorful synapse, I decided to schedule a call to explore it further. We decided she would take on the role of Art Director, while I took the lead in sourcing the props and overseeing the production of the concept.

Unfortunately, I can be quite clumsy at times, and while unloading the paint from the car, the red canister fell and literally exploded (I will attach a picture at the end of the series, just to give you an idea of how I spent the next 2 hours after it happened…)

We finally met on the 8th of March, and after a couple of hours testing and setting up the lights, we were ready to proceed and get our hands dirty (literally).

To our surprise, we discovered that by pushing the flowers into the paint, some of them emerged on the surface and opened up, creating a very interesting effect that we decided to reverse in post-production, recreating a particularly special blossom. Of course we also included some stills, to complete the body of work, in which everything had to be rigorously vibrant!

It was also important that the materiality of paint was visible in the picture to enhance a 3D effect and avoid making the visuals look like a CGI creation.

As usual, this season marks the beginning of a new cycle, where new life, colors, and scents will spread all around us. Metaphorically, I like to think of this series as a 'personal spring' that signifies the birth of new ideas, collaborations, and vibrant moments to share with other inspiring people.

Here we are…cheesy again. 

Sorry not sorry.

Link to Michelle's webpage:

And now, as promised...SNIFF

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